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Tips for Reading to Children


  1. Choose a quiet time with the tv off so there are no distractions
  2. Make it fun, use different voices etc
  3. Share books with rhyme, rhythm and repetition – hearing rhyming words will encourage them to join in. Let the child say words out loud and leave space in the story for them to fill in.
  4. Involve the child by letting them choose the book.
  5. Give praise if the child is reading, don’t say ‘no that’s wrong’ say ‘let’s read together’
  6. Make time to read regularly even if it is for a few minutes, stop if the child is no longer interested and then try again later or the next day.
  7. Give the child time if they get stuck, they might need to say the word a few times to get it right.
  8. Don’t use books that are too hard as this can put children off ,’nothing succeeds like success’
  9. Talk about the book too don’t just read it, the child may have questions arising from the story so take time to answer them
  10. Use the pictures to tell the story too, the colours, count the number of animals etc. This will all help the child to learn.
  11. Don’t be afraid to repeat the same book again and again if the child enjoys it. They will get satisfaction from knowing what is going to happen and might change the story with their own interpretation.
  12. Help the child join in by turning the pages and guessing what might happen next.